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    I am trying to install a plugin that integrates pullout slides on the side of the site. When I installed and activitated the plugin, the pullout slides do not know show and the help files for the plugin note this:


    Issue 6: I placed the widgets into the Widgets Pullout Container, but they don’t appear on any of my pages.

    Solution: Look around the page and see if any of the pullout widgets are rendered anywayere on the page. Check the bottom of the page as well, since this is where the PullOut Widgets Container is supposed to be loaded. If nothing found, click right mouse button on the page and select view source – search for any part of the content within the pullout widgets. If no sign of pullout widgets within the source code, that means that your theme doesn’t use the wp_footer() function in its templates. What you need to do, is to edit your page.php template and add the following at the very bottom:

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    You might need to repeat the same for other templates as well: home.php, front-page.php, single.php and archive.php. If you have difficulties, please contact your theme developer and point him/her to this solution.


    Do you have any idea why this might not be showing up and if so how to fix it?





    Please activate the plugin/widget and post a link to the website/page where you’re using it.




    The site is and the widget is activated and designed to show on every page. This is the plugin page:



    Try to add following code to css/custom.css:

    #pullouts, .pullouts{
    z-index: 10;

    Btw – the plugin triggers some js errors (which don’t affect the functionality yet) – I’d report this fact to the plugin author. Imho the main problem is that the widget is based on mootools which is a different js framework and which can conflict with jquery easily.

    Best regards,


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