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    I bought form Themeforest the Abundance Theme. By the way, astonishing plugin! thank you. In the zip file I couldn’t find a complete PSD template file. In the PSD Folder it only came one file called Grunge.psd and a folder call “light”, which only contains symbols. Am I looking right, or other psd are located somewhere else. Thanks.


    I’m also translating the Abundance theme into Spanish in case you want the .po file.



    Yes, in the theme folder the full psd of the theme isn’t included, I’ll check with Kriesi if this is on purpose. I believe all the images needed are in there, due to the nature of the theme it can take on many forms which is why a .psd of a single page might be missing.


    I’m also looking for more info on this topic – looking forward to your update, Chris – really want to get started with this theme!


    Hi all

    I too just purchased the theme and cannot wait to get started, but without the images not even the demo is running, all I get is the spinning wheel and ‘loading’ box !


    Hey again,

    might I add that there are really not a lot of images used in the theme other than the actual images used as dummy content.

    These images will be used when you import data – jpdesignecomm, could you specify where you get these not-loading images? When the dummy data is imported everything should be fine.


    Hi Chris

    Appreciate the feedback but I’m getting really frustrated with the theme and woocommerce.

    I don’t have any images showing anywhere, even after importing the dummy data, everything else seems fine.

    Nothing in the homepage slideshow, nothing in the product categories, no images anywhere.

    Sorry to sound dense but aren’t the images supposed to be in the images folder. Where are all the jewellery, camera and fashion images hiding?

    This may or may not be connected but when I ftp images to the ‘uploads’ folder (because the uploader doesn’t work) nothing appears except the image descriptor.


    Hi again Chris.


    Right, sorted out the upload issue, permissions with the server sorted this.

    Could still do with knowing where the demo images files are though but it’s no biggy as I can now screengrab them to get the canvas sizes.

    Thanks for your help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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