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    I updated the Propulsion theme to 1.6 two months ago ( and the WooCommerce Price Filter on the Shop Overview Page disappeared.

    I turned off all plugins (except WooCommerce) to see if there was a conflict, and there wasn’t.

    I’m running the following:

    – WordPress 3.4.2

    WooCommerce 1.652

    I posted in the forums two months ago as well and received the following mod response below. Any idea when the theme might be updated or is there another fix?

    “Yes, the version of woocommerce before 1.6 worked perfectly with the theme. However, when the 1.6 version of woocommerce was released there where changes in the plugin. Kriesi is now working to release a new update of the theme that will be compatible with the latest version of woocommerce. :)




    Hey markbeck,

    I just checked on my live install of Propulsion 1.6, WordPress 3.4.2 and WooCommerce 1.6 and I’m not having any issues with the price filter showing up.

    Perhaps try removing it from the sidebar area again and then disabling/re-enabling woo commerce before trying to add it back to your shop overview widget area.




    Thanks, Devin! I’m good to go!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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