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    After reading threads I realised that there is an update.

    I’m on version .

    When I went to download it again and re-upload, it was still version 1??

    Where do I get the update form?




    A whole week and so reply…

    Mate you sell enough themes to afford a proper support service…



    I actually answered this question a few days ago for another user. See below:


    I just went on themeforest and re-downloaded propulsion from my account with Envato (themeforest, codecanyon, etc.). I checked the version.rtf in that download and it has me at version 1.2.1.

    I would try contacting themeforest support at or twittering their account!/envato_support for guidance if your account is not syncing with the latest theme update. I had this issue beforehand with a wordpress plugin I purchased off of codecanyon a few months back.

    Also, Envento is suppose to be creating a notification system letting you know when items are up to date but, as of right now, there is no word on when that function will be active. In the meantime g to (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme-version to see if you have the latest version of your theme by Kriesi.

    == Version.rtf ==

    2012 02 05 – Version 1.2.1

    modified files and folders:

    file: style.css – version number

    file: css/layout.css – submenu fix

    folder: config-woocommerce

    2012 02 04 – Version 1.2

    woocomemrce bugfix release:

    the theme now works fine with woocommerce 1.4 and higher. if you update the theme please make sure that you also update your woocommerce plugin, otherwise the theme might break!

    modified files and folders:

    file: style.css – version number

    file: includes/helper-tempaltes.php – dynamic shop element update

    folder: config-woocommerce – update for woocommerce version 1.4

    2012 01 27 – Version 1.1

    modified files and folders:

    css/layout.css – added menu code for secondary navigation, in case woocommerce is not enabled

    config-woocomerce.css – moved some styles to layout.css so they are available even if the plugin is deactivated




    folder JS

    2011 12 19 – Version 1.0




    If you’ve troubles with the theme download please contact the envato support team. We’re not responsible for envato account problems and we can’t change anything for you (account settings, etc.).

    Best regards,


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