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    Hi –

    I’m using the propulsion theme and today I bought your avia feedback plugin – however if I try to activate the plugin, I get an 500 server error – When I am using the wordpress default twentyeleven theme, everything works fine – any hints what is wrong?


    i looked into the plugin and can so far find the error what causes the 500 error – it’s in the backend-options.php, somewhere in the post metaboxes – i commented it out and the plugin works now, except the additional options settings now – any hints?


    this line

    $new_box = new avia_meta_box_plugin_helper($options, $boxinfo);

    in plugins/avia_feedback_box/backend_options.php

    breakes the wordpress admin if you use the propulsion theme together with the avia feedback plugin –



    I marked the thread for Kriesis attention. I asked him to look into it asap.





    thanks for the notice, I will try to find the error and update either the plugin or the theme to make everything work fine ;)





    Hey, I have updated the feedback box to work with the theme now, you should be able to download it in a few hours once it is approved ;)

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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