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    Because I want to replace the “view order” button with the “track order” button, I made a submenu in wordpress and activated it throught propulsion sub menu option.

    Several issues occur:

    1) “my account” button becomes unreadable when clicked upon (same problem with shopping cart and checkout next to it)

    2) the menu moves a few pixels to the right and a few pixels lower, making it not well positioned in the black menu bar

    3) “log out” button moves away from the “my account” menu and appears in the black menu bar



    Hey! Do you have a live site were I can take a look at the code? Also are you running the latest version of propulsion? We have had some problems with the submenu in earlier version but had an update recently that should fix those issues…



    Here’s the URL [removed]

    Best regards,



    okay the vanishing of the item should be fixed easily with this line of css:

    #wrap_all .sub_menu .current_page_item > a{color:#fff;}

    About the movement of the logout button: would you mind sending me your login credentials via this contact form so I can take a look myself:


    This is for users who have the same issue. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to solve it:

    1) In WordPress dashboard:

    1.1) Go to Appearance -> Menu

    Create a submenu called “Submenu” (it will replace the default “My Account” menu):

    My Account

    Change Password

    Change Address

    Track Order



    1.2) Go to Propulsion -> Styling -> Quick CSS

    Add to the Quick CSS field:

    .boxed .sub_menu div> ul {

    left: -10px;


    .sub_menu div> ul {

    position: relative;

    top: 14px;

    left: -10px;



    2) In the Propulsion folder you’ve downloaded:

    Open “custom.css” and add (to fix some minor styling issues):

    #wrap_all .sub_menu .menu > .current_page_item > a {

    color: #FFF !important;


    .shop_table strong {

    color: #888;


    .cart_totals strong {

    color: #888;




    Thanks for sharing your solution :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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