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    i’m tryin to add the “products” element into a dynamic template but i keep getting a sort of error message in the page (“no products matches your selection”)… i checked if the products categories i choose have products and they do… i’m kind of stuck now after several attempts…

    i now noticed that the product element is not cited in the documentation

    am i missing something or should i give up?

    thanks in advance



    i solved in part the problem inserting a text only element and pasting the shortcode I get from the Woo button… it’s not the same thing because i havo less or no controls but in my case it’s ok…


    Not sure if you are talking about the same problem, but sample products stopped showing in any shop pages for me after upgrading to WooCommerce latest version – 1.4.3 I believe. I had to edit each product and set the price again. Basically WooCommerce changed the field that stored the price. So saving the price again made these products appear on search / shop pages.


    Hi, yesterday i did the upgrade for both (theme and wooCm) and now i don’t have any navigation problem including product prices although i still have to activate completly the payment part of wooCommerce

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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