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    Hey guys!

    I am creating a website for a model agency..

    I wish to be able to filter on a 2nd criteria..

    Something like women blond and long hair

    This way only hte woman women with blond and long hair are showed

    Any suggestions?

    A link to the site:



    Also i am having difficulties in selecting sub categories in the portfolio settings in the template builder..

    The sub categories have the same names since it’s like this:


    – blond

    – dark

    – short

    – long


    – blond

    – dark

    – short

    – long

    Thank you!



    Hi Ben,

    You would need to look into a freelance developer to add in a secondary sorting filter for the portfolios as its way above and beyond what we would be able to do via support.

    For the template builder, try temporarily re-naming your categories to identify them easier while you are using the template builder. Then re-name them to the final names when its all settled.




    Hi Devin,

    Any suggestions for a freelance developer?



    You can try . Its part of the Envato network so fairly popular with wordpress developers.


    Hi Devin!

    What I found in this thread is already supporting on short term: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for

    Is it valid for Propulsion as wel?


    No, this wouldn’t filter your models. Like Devin suggested you’ll need to hire someone for the implementation of a second filter. Tbh I’m not even sure if isotope is the best choice in this case because you’ll quickly hit performance limits (number of items per page, etc.). Probably a custom sort function based on php would work better in this case.


    Thanx Dude!

    I,ve got someone looking at it for me right now…

    I’d like to stick to Isotope becuase of the nice graphics..

    Do you know th maximum amount om items per page with Isotope?

    Any other suggestios or ideas to look at?

    So far:

    In the template builder I now have three options of choosing categories for the portfolio.

    Those options can be seen on the relevant page

    We’re still struggling in how to filter the filtered content..

    If you have any suggestions… Thank you!




    Isotope itself is not limited to a certain number of items but you’ll hit a “general” performance limit (more items per page = more images, long loading times, slow/unresponsive filter, etc.).



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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