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    I’m just having a small problem with the theme & ie6 (unfortunately thats what my client is using :( )

    Using the one_fourth flex_column when viewed on ie6 the fourth column is dropping to the next line ( its seems regardless of screen size)

    for a screenshot:

    Alternatively – view using emulator ( – put in values ie6, site: and time 200)

    Any help/ideas would be much appreciated.


    <div class=”post-entry post-entry-dynamic dynamic_el_3″><div class=”entry-content”><h1 class=”post-title dynamic-post-title”>Why Emsworth Suites?</h1><div class=”one_fourth first flex_column”><h3>Central Locations</h3>

    <p><span class=”dropcap3″>1</span> With apartments in Sheung Wan, Wan Chai and Discovery Bay, Emsworth Suites offers you central accommodation close to the Financial Centre, Airport and major landmarks.</p>


    <div class=”

    “><h3>Modern Renovations</h3>

    <p><span class=”dropcap3″>2</span>Emsworth Suites are highly renovated studios and apartments providing five star rental accommodation to international professionals based in Hong Kong.</p>


    <div class=”one_fourth flex_column”><h3>High Class Designs</h3>

    <p><span class=”dropcap3″>3</span>The design of each suite has been carefully thought out and the quality of construction materials, fittings and appliances are of the highest standard.</p>


    <div class=”one_fourth flex_column”><h3>Your Own Space</h3>

    <p><span class=”dropcap3″>4</span>Emsworth Suites offer apartments with either “to-die-for” views or large outdoor entertaining areas, affording you a feeling of your own space above the crowds of Hong Kong.</p>





    Propulsion doesn’t support IE6 anymore and we don’t support it too.



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