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    Hi, I am new to wordpress, I only bought this “Propulsion” theme yesterday and found that my Categories (sorting links) on the Portfolio page have gone white but work perfectly. I just don’t know when this happened. They are on a white background. So they are invisible.

    Two main changes I made were to change the theme colour scheme to boxed cyan and to add a bit of css in the custom box to alter the heading (H1) font colour:


    color: #2f7959;


    but… I can’t tell you at what point the links went white because I wasn’t paying any attention to them.

    What can I do to correct this?



    Can you post a link to your website? Might have happened if/when you changed another link color. If you can post your url we will be glad to take a look at the code.




    Thanks, I have posted you the link to my site. I sent you an email via your contact box.


    Hi there, Many thanks for your prompt reply…

    I did “Go to Propulsion > Theme Options > Portfolio and check that the Portfolio Sortable” I toggled the button to see if it would make any difference… the sortable catagories are there – but they are simply white! I am not a coder so I have’t tried to make any changes to the code.





    Can you post the link here?




    I can’t do that. I can email it to you. Can’t see Pm for you though.

    Since I have added Portfolio items and woocommerce, changed theme to Boxed Cyan and added a font colour for the H1 in Quick CSS box (and that’s it) – then what damage can be done by reverting to “factory settings” using the “reset all options button” at the bottom of the Propulsion Theme Settings Dialog?

    Will I lose my portfolio items etc.?



    Try this code on your custom.css

    .sort_by_cat a {
    color: red!important;
    opacity: 1!important;
    visibility: visible!important;

    Just change the color value.




    Ok I’ll try it and post back, its very late here so I will have to get back to you tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for helping!



    No problem. :)




    Hi, thank you for your prompt replies.

    I have put the code in the quick CSS and it worked for about one second, the text appeared and then… The text disappeared. Then there is a small jump of portfolio items on the page (the second column (of 4 columns) jumps right and then back into place) And each time I reload the portfolio page the same sequence of events happen.

    So in despair I hit the “reset to factory settings button” and guess what? the problem still persists!!! But when I first installed it, it was fine. I have no idea what has caused this.

    Tried it on ie9, chrome and ie8 but in all browsers the links/categories are invisible. *It’s important to say that the categories work; I can roll my mouse over the place where the categories should be and the mouse changes to a finger and I can press to sort the portfolio items.

    I tried your code in the new reverted version before making any other changes – only to find that the categories appear and disappear again the second column jumps as before.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    (PS for anyone out there who wants to know what happened when I hit the reset button: I didn’t lose my portfolio items when I pressed reset button – I did have to set the page to display the portffolio items all over again… but that was the only real damage done, in other words no data was lost – just the settings)


    Hi alilley,

    I’ve marked the topic for Ismael and Mya to take a look at again.




    Hi, Many thanks for your reply…

    I have sent Mya a link to the site but for “client view” I wanted to disable the sortable option for now, as the site looks broken and I don’t want them to see that.

    I have a bit more news about it. … If I make the Portfolio items sortable on the front page they appear and work good!

    All the best




    I close this thread for now. Mya can reopen it if necessary.



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