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    1. I’m having some issues with the “related post” on one Portfolio category. on Aficionados is showing on 176 px x 264 px (that is the desired size) but on profesionales is showing on 44px x 66 px – no idea what is going on here. I’m using the same portfolio files. for both taxonomies

    Profesional “loop-portfolio-single.php”:

    Amateur “loop-portfolio-single.php”:

    2. In the “loop-portfolio.php”

    //echo $slider->display($forceSmall);

    //replaced for:

    echo ““;

    echo $slider->display($forceSmall);

    echo ““;

    To add the link to the images.

    Issue A. in the portfolio loop – A. in aficionados(portfolio Amateur Players), the images are showing without a problem – in the Profesionals (portfolio professional players) only shows the first image not the second or third player. just the title… ????

    Amateur “loop-portfolio.php”:

    Profesional “loop-portfolio.php”:

    Issue B. Since I added an adicional image on top to the portfolio feat image. when the browser resize. the effect i’m looking for wont resize. Help!


    Hi funkydisonante,

    We are not able to help diagnose or fix things once the templates have been altered that significantly. If you need to add additional content and want to keep it responsive it should fit into the grid classes for those content areas.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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