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    I’ve been having trouble with the Propulsion slideshow feature…

    I’ve deactivated my additional plugins (OrangeBox & Fonts.com Web Fonts) to make sure they weren’t interfering. They weren’t. Same problem occurred. I have the latest versions of wp and all plugins.

    The first slideshow image will always load, but sometimes it keeps the gray “loading” background — but will autoplay the slideshow as normal, and the other images show just fine. It’s just the first.

    Sometimes you’ll even see the first image flash when the page loads, but the gray “loading” screen will cover it.

    My homepage is this: http://dev.analogcraftsman.com

    I’d say 50% of the time all images will load perfectly.

    The other 50%, the slideshow will start like this: http://dev.analogcraftsman.com/example.png

    What could be causing this?



    I visited your site site and reload it a few times, it seems to be working alright.

    Awesome site. Good job. :)




    It seems to be working okay now, but I’m positive that this issue will come up again soon.

    Does server loading have anything to do with that slider — say, if an image doesn’t completely load after a certain amount of time, the gray “loading” box replaces it?

    Otherwise, do you have any idea what could possibly cause the problem?

    I’m just used to things either working or not working – so it’s easy to pinpoint the problem. But since this works on/off, I have no idea what would be the cause.


    Hi NewNormal,

    Try to check your site in different places (like your home, your office, your friend’s home) just to check if the issue still occurs, if it does, your server might be overloaded (The server might be busy to process all requests that’s why transmission of data fails sometimes). Try to contact your webhost for this problem.




    The error occurs at any location, but it doesn’t always occur. Could there be something about timing in the theme’s JS?

    I just don’t see how a 20KB PNG & the theme’s HTML/JS would overload our server (1&1).

    What about when I can see the first image right as the page initially loads, but the gray loading box still fades in & masks the image? Can you elaborate why it might be doing that? I need to know exactly what it could be to know how to fix it. If I call 1&1 & say “my slideshow is broken,” they’re not going to be able to do anything.


    Hi NewNormal,

    Finally, I caught the issue after opening your site several times and attempting to see the issue on my end. Try to add this code in your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    .js_active #top .slideshow li:first-child {
    visibility: visible !important;

    Hope this fixes it. :)



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