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    I had my blog site just as I wanted it, changed my LOGO, and then needed to make a minor adjustment… accidently hit the “Dummy Data” button and poof… it was all gone! Is there any way to restore my blog site to what it was? It seems all my postings are in archive, but not display, and my theme was awesome… Help!!!! Thanks….



    The dummy data button will import the sample content data into the database. If you’ve a db backup file (eg sql file) you can simply reimport the database file to overwrite the demo data.




    Thanks Dude… I will look around and see… I am very green at all this…. but am computer savy… thanks… again… Bob


    Hey there.. Thanks Peter…. where would I find the (sql file) you are speaking of… is it an auto save item in propulsion or something I would have had to do deliberately??? I wonder if it would be wise to put a warning option on the “Dummy Data” button ( i.e. Are you sure you want to wipe out your entries and insert Dummy Data?”) this would have alarmed me…. anyways… If I open one of the links in archives to my previous blog posts… they are exactly as they were before my mishap… how can I re-import them?? Is there a basic tutorial for Propulsion? You folks speak a completely different language than us novices….. thanks for any help you can offer… Bob


    Hi Bob,

    The SQL file Peter mentioned is what you download from your MySQL database. You can download the file either through your web host account (look for MySQL Database or phpMyAdmin) or you can use a Backup Database plugin directly in WordPress. I actually recommend the latter – it’s simpler to understand and quicker.

    Unfortunately, like Peter mentioned in order to re-import your previous settings you would have had to make a backup beforehand which I imagine isn’t the case. So at this stage, I believe your only option is to delete the “dummy data” under Pages and Posts and redo your customizations.

    You can read more about backing up your database here:

    Here’s one of the more popular backup plugins:

    As far as a basic tutorial of Propulsion, that can be found in the documentation folder of the zip you downloaded from ThemeForest.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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