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    Hi there,

    Would appreciate some help with customising this great theme.

    1. Fonts. I would like to change the font styles used for various elements within the site. So my main font will be Arial Bold, with some leading to compress it slightly. The secondary font will be Georgia. Within the site I will use these two fonts in different sizes and colours. So, for example I want the main menu to be Arial Bold letter spacing -0.5 #999999 20px. H1 has a different colour and size. And so on

    Do I need to begin by changing the overall body font and then customise individual elements like the main menu and H1? If so, what should the overall body font be? Or do I simply dive in and change the fonts for these individual items?

    2. sidebar. Is it possible to remove the default content of the sidebar (category listings, all pages etc?) On some of my pages the sidebar is empty. On others I have inserted text using the widgets. Inserting custom text using the widgets works fine in that it over rides the default text. But can’t seem to find a way of having an empty sidebar.

    3. How do I remove the coloured bar at the top of the page…lnfo text header?

    Many thanks!



    Have had partial success with this.

    1. Fonts. Went ahead and started changing individual fonts for elements like h1, h2 and the main menu. All ok except I could not remove the upper case styling from the main menu. Tried text-transform but it didn’t seem to work.

    2. Still can’t figure it out…

    3. Done!



    Hi Susan,

    Great that you figured out some of this yourself! Let’s see if we can get the rest for you.

    For the menu, try this:

    .main_menu ul:first-child > li > a {
    text-transform: capitalize;

    For the sidebar, you should be able to add just a blank “Text Widget” to the sidebar in question.




    hi Mya,

    Re the menu fonts: Have made a bit of a dog’s breakfast of this! What I wanted to do was:

    – change the font family, size and color of the menu items – seem to have managed this.

    – change the hover so that I removed the underline, and have a hover color of #cc9999 and the same properties for current page view. I managed this first time round, but since deleted it and can’t work out how to get it back! Can you tell me how I do this?

    – to style the menu items so that they are lowercase but with uppercase of the first letter of each work. I managed to get them lowercase using the styling you gave me last time around but can’t work out how to change so that the first letter of each item is uppercase.

    This is the code I cobbled together so far –


    float: right;

    position: relative;


    z-index: 100;

    padding-bottom: 20px;

    font-family: Arial;

    color: #999999;

    font-weight: bold;

    font-size: 20px;

    letter-spacing: -0.5 px;


    .main_menu ul:first-child > li > a{


    text-decoration: none;


    padding:0 0 3px 0;

    text-transform: lowercase;


    .main_menu ul:first-child > li.current-menu-item > a, .main_menu

    ul:first-child > li.current_page_item > a{

    border-bottom: none;


    .main_menu .menu a:hover; .main_menu ul:first-child > li.current-menu-item >


    color: #cc9999;




    Hi Susan,

    For the hover you have the right coding but there’s a ; where there should be a ,. Try this:

    .main_menu .menu a:hover,
    .main_menu ul:first-child > li.current-menu-item >
    a:hover {
    color: #cc9999;
    text-decoration: none;

    For the capital letter it should be text-transform: capitalize; in your code above instead of text-transform: lowercase;. If for some reason that doesn’t work try text-transform: none;.

    Hope this helps!




    Hi Mya, your advice on text-transform: none worked a treat – hurrah!

    however still no joy with the hover and current menu item which remain resolutely black, instead of my chosen color. I pasted in the code you gave me but it made no difference. Also, have spotted another problem which is that on my 3 drop down items under menu item “About”, only the first one is clickable, the second and third just fade away when you hover over them. What on earth am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your continuing help!



    finally managed to sort this out. Thanks for your help.

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