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    So, I just updated all Propulsion them from 2.1 to 2.3, I’m also now running rhe latest WP 3.9.1 + Woocommerce 2.1.11. I also just switched over to WP Engine and just about got all the kinks worked out from the migration. Everything is going okay but I hit a few snags that really have me confused.

    4 things look odd since I fully updated everything: (which is why I am always nervous to update at all :)

    1: The Shipwire module does not show up on the checkout page for people to select a shipping carrier and see the shipping rates.
    2: On the Back End, the Shipwire plugin appears to be updating 51 orders (showing in the logs) where the normal procedure is for it to only update say 8 or so at a given time.
    3:My Propulsion theme stopped letting me do the “quick add” to cart feature from the home and shop pages. It just spins and never loads into the cart.
    4:The shopping cart icon in the upper right hand side will flash the product $ value for a moment when you do put a product in the cart, then it flashes back to $0 instead of displaying how much is actually in the cart.

    Thanks in Advance!!

    Anybody have any idea how to fix any of these problem?


    Update: The problem seems to be tied to a SSL Cert, once the custom cert paths were removed via WP Engine’s User Portal. All the issues seem to have been resolved on their own!



    Thank you for using the theme.

    I visited the site and the add to cart button and shopping cart icon is working just fine. Glad you figured this out on your own. Note that we can’t provide support for third party plugins such as Shipwire. You might need to contact woocommerce about this particular issue.


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    The theme doesn’t change or modify the WooCommerce payment gateway code. If WooCommerce doesn’t work properly on your server please contact the plugin developers:



    Hey Dude!
    Thanks, I’ll check with Woo.

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