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    I keep getting a “No products found which match your selection” notice at the bottom of my home page.

    The site is

    The “product sliders” worked once but after the update, ceased functioning.

    When can I expect a fix?


    In the templatebuilder you can change the products you want to show in your frontpage. That way you can select products (for example a category).

    Devin/ Dude, how come a question like this is not answered by you, as it is part of the abundance template ?


    Hi Ajarkovsky,

    You need to update your Abundance theme files to the most recent version 1.2.1 as it has bugfixes designed to work with WooCommerce 1.4 and above.

    If the issue still happens after that, let us know and we’ll dive back into it :)


    (Digiaudio, we can only answer so many questions in so much time but thank you for trying to help us out :D )


    Devin, that is a clear answer :-)

    I should say I am positive about the support anyway.

    And it would be great if users of the template(s) could help each other even more !

    Guess there is quite some experience by the template users.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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