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    Hello, I am started placing images for products and for product categories, but some most of the product thumbnails are not looking right. The product thumbnails come up longer than others so it makes the layout look all bad.

    Can you please let me know what i am doing wrong?

    Thank you in advanced.



    Can you give us a link on your site?

    Or you can add this on your custom.css

    .attachment-shop_catalog.wp-post-image {
    max-height: 150px !important;
    min-height: 150px !important;

    Adjust the values.




    Here is a link to the site.


    Hi landapixel,

    This can’t be fixed by css alone. You need to re-upload the product images and should have a size of 450 x 450px. Try to use image editors like Adobe Photoshop to crop the image to size mentioned. This would make your product images consistent.




    Thanks for the reply, I was just wondering and thought that maybe I was doing something wrong. Anyway, I will try and do that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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