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    I am having some problems with the product variation images.

    When I first started building the website, I used the free Wootique theme (to get the ball rolling) and was able to add images to product variations, so that when on the live product page e.g. for t-shirts, if I selected: Yellow and Large, the main product image would change to the image set for that variation i.e Yellow had been assigned a image of a yellow t-shirt in the product editor.

    Although since installing the Propulsion I am still able to add the variation images in the product editor without problem, the image on the live page doesn’t change when I select the variation from the dropdown.

    Any ideas?





    I was able to reproduce your problem, an alternative to this is to add multiple images to the slideshow (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -multiple-images/” class=”bbcode_url”>like this. It’s possible I’m missing something here – I’ll pass it on to Kriesi as a Feature Request.


    Hi Chris.

    Thanks a lot for looking into this.

    I really hope that this can be added as I assumed that the theme would accommodate the standard WooCommerce features and my client is expecting this to be available.

    Thanks again!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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