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    Hi, I don’t have square images, so how can I create thumbnails that are not cut off. OR is there a way to choose how the image in centered in the product listing boxes. For example, left/right; up/down so my heads are cut off.

    See issue here:




    You don’t need to have square images. However you do need to have images that follow some rules. Your images must be square, portrait configuration or landscape configuration. With 4 products per line, your images will be either 200×200 or 100×200 or 200×100 . So that means that the images you are uploading need to be in an aspect ratio equivalent to 1:1 .. 2:1 or 1:2. Of course 100×200 and 200×100 are arbitrary, you can have 175×200 and 200×175 and 200×200 for example. So that means you can upload lets say 200×400 (1:2 ) image, but if you upload 200×500 then 100pixels will get cropped to make it 200×400.

    Please install this plugin , which will create in your Settings > Media admin area all the pre-set theme sizes including for products. It will also allow you to set if you want the image to be cropped or not. Set it to no crop, and the size set to 200 x 200.

    The images that you already uploaded will not automatically change to fit into the new settings and you will need to regenerate them. The regeneration option is also available inside the plugin I recomended. All new uploads will be of the new sizes you specified. Please make sure that you turn off all your cache plugins and clear out your browser cache after regenerating.




    HI NIck

    I’m not sure I fully understand. If I install this plugin- what line item would I change and what do I change it to. Once I’ve updated, do I still need to upload resized photos that are 2:1 1:2 or 1:1 – Should I pick only 1 of those 3 options?

    I installed plugin, regenerated and cleared cash but didn’t see a difference in my shop products so I must be missing something.

    Thanks for your help




    You need to do some planning first. You need to come up with 1-3 sizes that you guarantee all the images will obey to in the product section as I wrote before. Or 1 size, but since some of the images are portraits other landscapes and some near squares, i suppose 3 would make the most sense. I am not gonna bore you with mathematical equations for setting up proportions.

    You can chose one size for all the thumbnails or you can chose 3 sizes it is up to you. Since you are not selling plastic baubles you will need to prep your images prior to uploading, unless you want to gamble on wordpress.

    What I mean by that is that wordpress has no concept of cropping and will ruin every single image if you let it , so unless your collection is as numerous as the Hermitage archives, you will need to resize the images yourself *prior to uploading* them to ensure no heads are cut off. I resized the image below myself first so I made sure it fit the way I wanted to.

    Here , I tested one of your statues Thanksgiving, it is normally 300dps (which is meaningless online) and 5000or so pixels width and length. I set the program for 330×330 without crop

    and this is what came out:

    shop ->

    product page ->

    On your page I think you are overloading the images and instead , each of your product pages should have attached pages with a full length slider that profiles each piece and has content , or poetry or something else along those lines.

    Also dont forget to use the portfolio, since you can create a sortable portfolio of thumbnails sorted by categories and then instead of being taken to the portfolio item page , the visitor can be taken directly to the store item page.




    Thanks Nick. I guess there’s no easy solution…. boo.

    So I’ve been adjusting my ratios. Now my next question is: Is there a way to not have rows align across but rather going down so there’s less white space. Sort of like what pinterest has?

    See white spaces I’m taking about here:

    Can I have images right under one another?

    Thanks a billion


    Hi, no unfortunately this is not possible because you can’t create such a layout with css/html. It’s possible if you implement the masonry script: but this requires a lot of work and is beyond the scope of our support forum.



    Dude is correct.

    What you can do is set additional constraints to even things out like this for example. Please add that to your /css/custom.css or to quick css located in Replete > Theme Options > Styling .. on bottom of the page

    #top.archive .thumbnail_container {
    min-height: 228px;
    max-height: 228px;



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