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    I have a few customization I’d like to do but I’m running into some issues.

    1). On the shop page, I’d like to increase the size of the image boxes. I thought if I changed them in Woocommerce that would do it but no change.

    2.) How to increase the size of the price on the shop page.

    3.) On the product pages, I would like to set a static image for the background (each product would have a different background pic). One that is completely different from the gallery view. I was hoping that the plugins above mentioned would work but it does not. Is there a way to do that?

    4.) On the left sidebar, the menu button (contact us) is larger than the rest. Is there a way to make it the same size as the rest of the buttons.

    Thanks in advanced.



    Hi Carla,

    1) The only way to increase the size of the images on the shop page is to increase the width of the page container or have less columns since the size is determined by the column width.

    2) Just as you have it:

    #top.single-product .amount {
    font-size: 20px;
    color: #f71000;

    3) You could maybe set the background via css and the specific page id, but it wouldn’t work in the same way as the actual theme background style settings. Maybe something like might work but its not really in the normal theme functionality.

    4) I don’t see that happening on my end. The text is all the same for each of the menu items.




    Thanks for the info.

    I will see what I can do for the increasing the page container. Is that found in the CSS for woocommerce? For number 3, i tried that particular plugin and it didn’t work. Regarding the sidebar, i’m sorry I wasn’t clear. The text size is fine just the size of the button itself (contact us) is wider (taller) than the rest of the buttons. It’s possible that it’s the “box” that the buttons are in needs to be adjusted. Not sure if that makes sense. Also one more question, on the single product page, is there a way to put the price above the quantity amount? thanks for your help.




    I figured out how to get the shop page images bigger. I just need to regenerate the thumbnails and it worked. Now to figure out the rest of my customization.



    Hi Carla,

    3) Other than a plugin there really isn’t a mechanism in place other than the theme options for using the product image.

    The sidebar is actually larger than your navigation items so the button/container for the item is exactly the same as the others. You could remove the margin after the menu with:

    #main ul, #main ol {
    margin-bottom: 0px;

    and then it would be the normal padding around the entire sidebar content.

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