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    Hello, i am getting the same error on my product page again. or i get an internal error 30% of the time. If i switch themes it works fine. I recently had to use easyapache again and i input the same <IfModule mod_fcgid.c> settings. Though it might have been something else. Iv tried for hours to trying to get it to work, I haven’t made many changes, just reinstall apache.

    (Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 64 bytes) in /home/jwt2030/public_html/PetShop/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1545)

    I saw a new entry in the error log i didn’t see last time. In a few seconds it created a 500 MB error log file. there were hundreds of lines of this code.

    [11-Apr-2013 20:56:42 UTC] WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query SELECT post_id, meta_key, meta_value FROM wp_xbdpostmeta WHERE post_id IN (13596) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-includes/template-loader.php’), include(‘/themes/replete/404.php’), get_sidebar, locate_template, load_template, require_once(‘/themes/replete/sidebar.php’), dynamic_sidebar, call_user_func_array, WP_Widget->display_callback, WC_Widget_Onsale->widget, woocommerce_get_product_ids_on_sale, get_post_meta, get_metadata, update_meta_cache

    In the sql querys i saw a bunch of this, FROM wp_xbdpostmeta WHERE post_id IN (timeout) it was maxing out my cpu load

    i Just submitted my sitemap to google and i turned their crawler all the way down, i couldn’t keep my site online long without Google overloading my site. i have my server tuned and optimized. 5G of RAM and 4 Cores.

    I also cannot use my cdn with the theme because all the cdn plugins are attached to cache plugins. I tried to use 3wt cache and turn off all the caching features but it i could still tell there was an issue. Is there an update coming soon?


    Hello, i got it fixed. I tried to add some code to the wp-db.php file and the meta.php. after that i couldn’t log in to my site. I download a fresh copy of wordpress and only replaced the admin and includes folder and now it works.

    Question: the next update can i use wt3 cache? I need a cdn plugin.

    Is the next update rolling around soon?


    Hi jwt2030,

    As far as I know if you want the cart to update via ajax any caching plugin will not work (with caching turned on). You can use the minification and other features without issue however.




    Thank you for the update.

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