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    Propulsion theme / WooCommerce: Issues with the product info in the cart and checkout:

    We’re seeing the products listed in the cart and checkout with no information in the table. Product name, unit, quantity and price are all listed in one single cell under the first (untitled) column, but we need to the table to work so we can use it for reference and processing larger orders.




    Can you please assist with trouble-shooting this issue?


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    Hi! Could someone please respond…just to let me know where to even start with this issue?




    Can you give us an actual link to the site? I think it can be fix via css solution. Inspect the tables, then try to do a float left or inline something on them.




    Hi! Thanks for responding.

    Here is the site: (that’s the only visible page with actual products you can add to the cart.)

    We are just starting to set up the e-commerce – lots of info not yet added – so feel free to test different shopping cart/checkout scenarios.

    If you need access to the back end, please email me directly.

    Thanks again,



    Hi Jason,

    It looks like you probably need to update both the theme and WordPress. Though, the most recent update of the theme is designed to work with WooCommerce 1.6+ so you can try just updating wordrpess first if you have a conflict with updating WooCommerce further.




    Hi Devin,

    We’ve customized the layout of the product info page. It was more challenging that anticipated but we’re happy with the layout changes. (Check it out…you may want to include it as an option for future iterations.) We really don’t want to update the theme and lose those changes!

    Can you give me anything to look into? (Why do you say “It looks like you probably need to update…”? What are you seeing that makes you think so?)

    Can you explain a bit further what you mean about “if you have a conflict with updating WooCommerce further”? Are you hearing reports of conflicts and broken stores/themes? If we were to update the theme, would it not include the newest version of WooCommerce?




    Hi Jason,

    WooCommerce and WordPress change independently to the theme and so updates need to be done in order to keep all functionality working correctly.

    For instance the theme needed an update to version 1.3.2 to work with WordPress 3.3+. When WooCommerce updated to 1.6 the theme needed to update as well since some templates were depricated and they changed some other little things here and there that caused problems.

    What you can do is go ahead and make a copy of your config-woocommerce file and whatever css changes you made to the single product page and then give everything a full update. Then go through and re-apply your changes to the single product page providing that the checkout is now working.



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