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    hi there, I’m struggling with the following issue and really don’t know how to describe it for the Topic Title, sorry!

    When I set up my main menu in Replete I created a page for each category in my WC store and then created a template from the template builder calling up that page (which would include the slider or main header image and any “about” content) and below that the widget to call products from my WC store in whatever category I specified.

    Everything seemed to be working fine until today when I noticed that the products for one specific page are not showing up now. I’ve gone through each template I’ve built for each page and have checked that the products are associated to the correct category etc. but I cannot figure out what is incorrect.

    I also tried removing the menu item and recreating it and everything is the same. I figure it has to be something wrong in WC but I can’t see any issue there either and I’m sure if it was a WC issue it would not just affect one of my product categories.

    Hopefully I’ve provided enough information on this issue that someone may be able to help.


    Hey jingle0!

    Can you please give us a link to the page with the missing product image? Did you properly set a featured image for the said product?



    hi Ismael,
    As far as I can see everything is set up correctly. I’ve compared it to other templates I’ve built and this page is the same as they are. These missing products will show up when I click on the “shop” menu and select the Necklaces from the Jewelry category but not when I go directly to the sub menu item Necklaces.

    I can post screen shots if you advise how.




    This is the page for the category of “Necklaces”

    You can add a category specific image to the category which will show at the top of it from the WooCommerce Products>Categories>*Category Name as well as the text to go under it like on the demo here:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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