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    Have updated to the latest version of 2.1.9 and the latest version of Propulsion Version 2.4. since the update single product image thumbnail galleries on single product pages no longer click through the preview pane but load properly once the preview pane is opened in lightbox. The url is and an example of a single page product is
    When one clicks a thumbnail once it changes the preview image but no other clicks will change it after the first click.
    Please advise if there is any code or solution to this issue.

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    I couldn’t see the error, the navigation between the main page and the product pages seemed to be working as expected.

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue
    if you go to a single image page eg and click on the thumbnails under the main product image they should change the main product image without opening the light box. This only works on the first click but not on subsequent clicks. I never mention any issue with navigation between the main page and the product pages. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Cheers Nahum


    I see the issue now, have you tried disabling all third-party plugins (except WC) to see if it gets fixed?



    I had a similar problem:

    With Jetpack deactivated the slideshow works fine (magnifying glass icon shows when hovering over main thumbnail)

    With Jetpack activated there is no magnifying glass icon and no slideshow. Instead only one large image is shown with a unique URL EG:

    So deactivating Jetpack solves the problem – but isn’t Jetpack something I should be using? Can we not have Jetpack AND working slideshows?



    Jetpack alone isn’t an issue as its the number of extensions within Jetpack that can cause problems. So within Jetpack you can try deactivating extensions to further try and find a single conflict.


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