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    The description is not shown in a tab. The product description appears briefly when an product page is accessed, and dissappears when the page is fully loaded. In the meanwhile I’ve pasted the product description in the regular post area. Screenshot:


    Mine does the exact same thing, and I was never able to get a solution to the problem. FYI – your thread is not labeled as a “support question” so you might not get a response. If possible, edit your post to mark it as a support question.


    Hi megalex,

    Can you provide a link to the site so we can see whats going on live?

    Also, just a thought but can you see if you have comments enabled on that product page? There should at least be a tab for the product response.




    Hi Devin,

    Comments and additional information are enabled and visible in a tab.

    Important note: please remove this URL afterwards, because too many people, who find the site via Google in this forum, are asking for the products on that site, but the site isn’t finished and the shop isn’t even active. It’s frustrating.


    Hi megalex,

    I’ve edited your comment to an obfuscated link.

    Visiting the site I didn’t get any issue seeing the product description. Are you still having the same problem or were you able to find a solution?




    Hi Devin,

    On my site, the product description doesn’t appear in a tab, when I insert the text in the product description field of the back end. That’s the issue I’m having.

    What you’re seeing on the site now, is product information that has been entered in the regular post field of the back end. I did this as a temporary measure until the product description tab issue is solved.

    I can grant you access to the backend so you could give it a try to see what I’m trying to explain.


    Hey megalex,

    I see what you mean now. The product description tab is actually disabled by the theme since the design is to have more of a large area above the tabs for the description/layout.

    I’ll need to check with Kriesi on how to re-enable the description appearance since the single remove action I see in the config has the secondary effect of not actually adding the text from the description editor but instead repeating the data in the main text area.




    Hi Devin,

    Can you post a follow up on this, please? I think it’s an important aspect to clarify, and I’ve seen a few people asking about it.




    Mine is doing the same as well. It jumps down the page straight to the product description and skips everything at the top. Was there a solution?


    Hi everyone,

    No update as of yet. As soon as we do have one though we’ll post here.





    Update is in the pipeline that will support the new woocommerce short description as a tab

    Best regards,


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