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    I have the replete woocommerce ecommerce theme, but when I add a product category it does not appear on the front end of my store. The product categories that I have created dont show on the website menu. Please help. Thanks.


    You need to add the product categories to the menu. Go to Appearance > Menus and select the product categories from the option field on the left. Then click on “Add to menu” and reorder the items via drag’n’drop.



    I can not find out, how I get the woocommerce categories into Appearance > Menus AND also into the template builder. In template builder I see only the WP Post categories listed but I want to use the WC categories???

    Thanks for advice



    Im not really an expert, however i had the same problem so i know this one,

    If you have created different product categories in product section. then

    Go to menus and at the top right right handside, click in screen option, a drop down window will appear make sure you ‘tick’ product categories . this will then show product categories on the left, you can then select what categories you want to add to the menu.


    Hey gsTom,

    shaxuk is correct, you may need to make the product categories meta box visible by changing the wordpress screen options for that menus manager area.





    for the menus it worked fine – thank you.

    But for template builder I still miss the woocommerce categories.


    I’d like to build a template which shows 4 columns, in each of them I want to show a different woocommerce produkt category. So I add columns and choose 4 columns. in “Column 1 content” I choose “Post from Category” but in the “select category” dropdown only the wordpress post categories are listed but non of the woocommerce product categories.

    Is there a way to get them in?

    Thank you




    Unfortunately, that is not possible at the moment though it is a good thing if we can select the product category. Let me tag Kriesi, I think this is a good feature request.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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