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    Hey Guys,

    pretty good work with Abundance ! ;)

    I have two questions, i need to add pictures in the Mega Menu, like it is in the demo on Themeforest.

    And i want to create single shop sites for each Category, where can i do this?

    Greets, Daniel :)



    I’d like to know how to accomplish this as well. :)



    i found a solution by my self, for the pictures,

    y<ou have to set a html tag as the title of the menu:

    Dashboard -> Design -> Menu

    Then put this in the Title:

    alt text

    Then you have a image in the mega menu,

    you can set it as a link too with an tag.

    Hope i can help you with this :)



    for thumbails check this post out

    hope it helps




    sorry for the delayed response to others – the topic boudoirs links to has the solution in it twice. Once by Dude with a screenshot and once as a screencast to elaborate further by me.

    Thanks for helping out Hazral & boudoirs :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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