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    Hello I’d like to have my product categories to be shown as images on my home page.

    Please Help


    You can try to use the “product_categories” shortcode. A list of all shortcodes can be found here:


    [product_categories number="12,14,16" parent="0"]

    Will display the categories with the ids 12,14 and 16


    I’m still not able to show my Product Categories as thumbnails on my home page, is there anything else I could do to solve this issue?



    You can do it manually. On the Template Builder, edit the Frontpage dynamic template. Insert columns, 4 columns. On the Column Content, select Direct text input then insert this code

    <a href="http://localhost/kriesi/replete/?product_cat=men"><img src="YOUR PRODUCT CATEGORY IMAGE URL"></a>

    Do this for every Columns. You can get the product category url on Products > Categories, hover on a category, click View.




    Hey I tried doing it, that almost worked for me. The thing is, when I input my product category image url no image or nothing shows up.


    It seems like the url is not valid – eg:

    <img src="product-category/hookahs-3/" style="left: 0px;">

    is not a valid source. Use an absolute url path instead like:

    <img src="" style="left: 0px;">

    and instead of insert the url to an existing image.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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