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    Hi, I am trying to get a homepage with product categories listed plus a gallery and have tried a couple of ways but not achieved the desired result.

    I want it to look similar to My site is

    So to get categories on the homepage, I have gone into woocommerce and set Shop as the homepage and changed settings to display categories (instead of products). It works fine, but unfortunately it has to display either the shop page title or the Abundance page name you have allocated as the shop page and there doesn’t seem to be a way to easily modify the layout to include a gallery etc. Also the woo shop page seems to override the Abundance template and my gallery doesn’t appear (text in the writing box does appear though).

    I have also tried including the woo products as a template element with a gallery at the top. This works well also, but does not take the woo shop setting (as above) to display categories instead of products.

    Any ideas how I can change the products into categories and loose the description (or display it over the category image)?

    Secondly, Since I have updated my Abundance files to the latest version the cart doesn’t seem to work. Is there a config file that I shouldn’t have overwritten when I updated?

    Great template and thanks in advance for your help.



    Hi Alastair,

    First, if your cart isn’t working with the newest version of the theme(1.6) and WooCommerce it is most likely a plugin conflict. Try disabling any active plugins besides WooCommerce and test its functionality again.

    The only way I can think that might work besides writing your own php page template is to try the WooCommerce shortcodes for displaying products inside a pages visual editor. Then set the dynamic template to add that page content into the template.

    You can see the shortcodes here:

    Additionally, if you just want to link to your product categories you could use images inside columns that link directly to those category pages. It wouldn’t be dynamic, but it would fake it.




    Thanks Devin,

    I had seen in other posts about the Cart issue with Plugins. I am not and have never been running any plugins apart from WooCommerce.

    Sometimes it is possible to add items to the cart (after a period of time), but the contents of the cart seem to vary depending upon which page you are on!! i.e We may have added 5 items in total to the cart, but for example on the home page it may show 1 item, the shop page 3 items etc.

    A specific example – On my computer on the home page it shows a table to the value of £250 in the cart. If I go to any other page including view cart or checkout, the item disappears.


    I have now made the Cart issue a topic on its own to make it more searchable. Hope this helps.

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