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    Is there a way to do the following:

    1) Sort my Product Categories inside my widget alphabetically?

    2) Change the names from being all Capitalized to just capitalizing the first letter of each product?

    Thanks :)


    Hi pcprincess77,

    1) Go to WooCommerce Products>Categories and you can drag and drop the categories into the order you would like. This was kept intentionally by WooCommerce so that it would be more flexible for everyone though it isn’t super convenient if you have a lot of categories.

    2) Where is it that you have all capital product names? I don’t see any css that is auto transforming product names but if you can link us to an example we can inspect the code and identify it.




    I feared that would be the answer…as with all aspects of my project there are far too many product categories for me to manually drag and drop. Hundreds of categories

    I created a widget for the Product Categories and set it to “drop down”

    I’ll send you over a screen shot from my laptop…my iPad doesn’t seem to want to cooperate and let me paste the screenshot


    I just went to the widget and set it to sort by name and no change. Here is a small snippet from the source code of a handful of Product categories.

    </div><div class=’sidebar sidebar_left three alpha units’><div class=’inner_sidebar extralight-border’><div id=”product_categories-5″ class=”widget widget_product_categories”><h3 class=”widgettitle”><span class=’widget_first’>Categories</span></h3><select name=’product_cat’ id=’dropdown_product_cat’><option value=”” selected=’selected’>Select a category</option> <option class=”level-0″ value=”coolers-and-ice-packs”>COOLERS AND ICE PACKS (4)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”spec-med-equip-acc”>SPEC MED EQUIP ACC (5)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”dillators”>DILLATORS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”bed-wetting-devices”>BED WETTING DEVICES (6)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”cast-protectors”>CAST PROTECTORS (4)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”tape-closures”>TAPE CLOSURES (12)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”do-not-use-366″>DO NOT USE 366 (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”pediatric-supplements”>PEDIATRIC SUPPLEMENTS (18)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”retail-supplements”>RETAIL SUPPLEMENTS (39)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”product-information”>PRODUCT INFORMATION (2)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”product-info-labels”>PRODUCT INFO LABELS (2)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”pump-bckpck-crrying-cs”>PUMP BCKPCK CRRYING CS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”suture-staples-removal”>SUTURE STAPLES REMOVAL (4)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”feeding-pumps-and-access”>FEEDING PUMPS AND ACCESS (3)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”sodium-chloride-drsg”>SODIUM CHLORIDE DRSG (5)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”casting-supplies”>CASTING SUPPLIES (2)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”anti-embolism-stockings”>ANTI EMBOLISM STOCKINGS (53)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”prof-thermometers”>PROF THERMOMETERS (3)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”ekg-products”>EKG PRODUCTS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”womens-products”>WOMENS PRODUCTS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”hmdfrs-and-vaporizers”>HMDFRS AND VAPORIZERS (3)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”transparent-drsg”>TRANSPARENT DRSG (33)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”gait-or-transfer-belts”>GAIT OR TRANSFER BELTS (8)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”bed-replace-parts”>BED REPLACE PARTS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”replace-parts-for-chairs”>REPLACE PARTS FOR CHAIRS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”sun-screen-products”>SUN SCREEN PRODUCTS (8)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”suspensory-or-trusses”>SUSPENSORY OR TRUSSES (15)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”neck-shoulder-supports”>NECK SHOULDER SUPPORTS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”vinyl-powder-free-gloves”>VINYL POWDER FREE GLOVES (4)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”nitrile-gloves”>NITRILE GLOVES (8)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”latex-powdered-gloves”>LATEX POWDERED GLOVES (4)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”latex-powder-free-gloves”>LATEX POWDER FREE GLOVES (4)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”lubricating-products”>LUBRICATING PRODUCTS (2)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”traction-supplies”>TRACTION SUPPLIES (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”wound-measurement-items”>WOUND MEASUREMENT ITEMS (1)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”gauze-impregnated”>GAUZE IMPREGNATED (25)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”sponges-gauze”>SPONGES GAUZE (30)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”diabetic-shoes”>DIABETIC SHOES (56)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”underpads-reusable”>UNDERPADS REUSABLE (18)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”iv-poles”>IV POLES (5)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”prof-stethoscopes-access”>PROF STETHOSCOPES ACCESS (100)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”whlchr-footrest-legrest”>WHLCHR FOOTREST LEGREST (6)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”concentrators-acc”>CONCENTRATORS ACC (8)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”cylinders-regulators-acc”>CYLINDERS REGULATORS ACC (7)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”seat-cushn-and-displays”>SEAT CUSHN AND DISPLAYS (5)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”patient-lifts”>PATIENT LIFTS (4)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”patient-lift-slings”>PATIENT LIFT SLINGS (8)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”patient-lifts-acc”>PATIENT LIFTS ACC (12)</option>

    <option class=”level-0″ value=”overbed-tables”>OVERBED TABLES (3)</option>


    Screenshot of Drop Down


    Hi pcprincess77,

    Your only option may be to sort them by hand. I did some digging and it seems that the categories are really only capable of having their order changed via the drag and drop interface for some reason. There have been quite a few topics on it with woocommerce but it always comes back to them letting it stay drag and drop for the most flexibility.

    Even with wordpress there are things that have to be done manually to get them correct.




    I was afraid that may be the only option



    Sorry about that, hopefully it changes with the WooCommerce 2.0 update coming in a few days. Though, give us a few days as well to update the theme files before updating :)



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