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    i see several threads about product bundles by woothemes not being compatible with this theme. Has a solution been found yet for this?

    I do not want to spend the 30 bucks on the plugin and then not be able to use it.

    I already know from the other threads that woothemes will not help fix the issue as its not a wootheme

    and their policy states any support for a woo product is only if there is an issue with their product/themes

    from what I read switching the theme to say twenty eleven the product bundles works fine.

    it only breaks because of abundance theme and certain code being changed within the theme for woocommerce.

    being that I already purchased this theme I need to know if I buy this plugin will i get full support to correct this issue with the theme? or are you working on a fix for this?



    Our support leader declared that the plugin is not compatible with the theme. Looks like Kriesi has been looking to fix the issue regarding this plugin. We will tag Kriesi on this thread.





    Ismael, please can you tell me if this compatibility problem is across all Kriesi themes. Unfortunately, I bought Abundance theme before finding out that it doesn’t work with the Product Bundles plugin. I’d like to buy Replete theme, but can’t if it doesn’t work with Product Bundles.





    I don’t have the access to Product Bundles plugin so let me tag the rest of the support team and ask for their opinion. Although our support leader said that the plugin is not compatible across Avia Themes yet. Kriesi is fixing the issue at the moment.





    I could test it out , but I don’t have it unfortunately. Please email me the plugin zip in order for me to be able to answer you. My email is usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com. Since Woo told you to come here for support and I can’t provide any without the plugin, I guess they are ok with it. When i am through, I’ll delete it. Ask Woo if it’s ok with them,




    I did a quick test with Replete and Product Bundles worked flawlessly with it. Kriesi learned from the issues with Propulsion/Flashlight and thus Replete uses the default WooCommerce templates + code (even the default image attachment function) and Kriesi doesn’t exclude any default plugin filters, actions, etc.


    Thanks for the update Nick and Dude. I have now purchased Replete and can confirm that it does work with Product Bundles plugin. Congrats as well – it’s a great theme! :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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