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    After 2 days of messing with this, I’m about to give up. I’m having several issues with Attributes. Where do I start?

    I’m using Abundance v1.9 (Kriesi theme) ; WooCommerce v2.0.10; WordPress v3.5.1

    Here’s my list of issues::

    1. I add Attributes in WooCommerce->Products->Attributes. If the “default sort order” is anything other than “Name” then no matter what I do, I cannot get options to populate on the front-end after I’ve published a product page. I set up a product page and in the Product Data I select “Variable Product”. In Attributes I “Add” the new Attributes I just created on the Attribute page. All good so far. I select “Used for variations” and “Save”. Then I go to Variations and “Add Variation”. I give it a price, it’s Enabled. I publish and view page and the drop-down box is there but none of the options I’ve created are there. As soon as I go back to WooCommerce->Products->Attributes and change the “default sort order” to “Name” then it works. But, it sorts everything alphabetically and I need custom, nested ordering, just like I created. This takes me to issue #2…

    2. Keeping issue #1 in mind, I create Attributes that are nested, in a specific order using the Parent feature. On the product page in the Product Data, adding the Attributes keeps the order that I originally created. I “Add Variation” in the Variation tab and it DOES NOT keep the order, it makes everything alphabetical and I lose my nesting. If I add a custom attribute directly on the Product page in Product Data then the order is correct in the Variations tab when I add the variation but I get no nesting features. Makes it extremely difficult to manage my data.

    3. Issue 3: If I just try to create a Simple Product and “Add” my Attribute in Product Data under Attributes, then no matter what I do, the front-end never displays it except under “Additional Information” and it’s just text. WTF? Where is my drop-down list?

    There are several more bugs I’m seeing but it’s too much to type right now. I’d be happy if any one of my 3 issues or all of them were fixed. Not sure if this is a WooCommerce issue or an Abundance issue. I will post on WooCommerce forum as well. Ok, Thanks!


    Hi gauntletoverland,

    I’m not really sure this is a theme issue or WooCommerce specifically. What you can do is try switching to a default wordpress theme (twenty twelve) and then trying things there.

    Additionally, variable products need attributes set up outside of the product before actually being set in the product to work properly which it sounds like you may not have done.

    So first go to Products>Attributes and add one. Ex: Color with terms of Black, Red, Green. Then you can save it and now in your product add the Color attribute->Save->edit the attribute variations.

    In the end however, I’m not sure what you are intending to do is support in the default woocommerce set up. It may require an extension if you want truly nested variations where one only shows up after the first drop down has been selected.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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