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    Hello, after the update to WP 3.1.1. my side doesn’t work 100%.

    The last zoom into the full picture doesn’t work.

    Will there be an update available for Expose?

    Thanks in advance


    Same problem here. The update broke the theme it appears.

    When you look at a site and try to click on the images with the magnifier function it does not work anymore. I have screenshots in my posts. The feature used to bring up the pic, and allow slideshow like presentation of the pics controlled with a little arrow. Next to the arrow was a number telling you how many screen shots there were. A box would re size its self based on each screen shot. After the install, that feature shows a small little white square that does not move and won’t allow you to see the screen shots.

    Hoping for for an answer to this soon. Any help is appreciated.




    could you post a link to your website please. Sorry for the late reply.


    ?, my first post:

    “Hello, after the update to WP 3.1.1. my side doesn’t work 100%.”


    We released an update for expose some weeks ago (Version 2.0.x). You’re using version 1 at the moment so I’d recommend an update asap. The link request was intended for voxana :)


    Thanks for that hint.

    How/Where do I get the update?


    Download updated theme file at themeforest.


    Yes – you can download the update at (of course for free)


    Thxs for that suggestions.

    I downloaded the file again at

    After expand the version.rtf says:

    Version 1.0.2 Changes:

    custom.js changes made for ie9

    changed style.css: update of theme version number

    Version 1.01 Changes:

    style.css: updated to version 1.0.1

    custom.js changes made to blockslider and my_lightbox function

    updated folder prettyphoto with new lightbox version

    Looks like that’s not the current one.

    “We released an update for expose some weeks ago (Version 2.0.x)…”

    What I’m doing wrong?


    No mea culpa – Expose Version 1.0. is the newest one. Some themes have Version 2.0.x (Newscast) and some others V. 1.x.x (Expose, Habitat, etc.)


    OK, so now I have the current version but no changes regarding my problems with WP 3.1.1.

    – the last zoom still doesn’t work and

    – the pics of the right row-pics flicker during mouse over

    Any constructive help is appreciated.


    I reported this bug to Kriesi – soe other users experience problems too. He will release an update in a few days ( x < 1week).


    Hey Dude,

    Sorry for the super delayed response I got really busy and did not see you needed this. I hope you can still look at it. I am still having the same issue with the theme. I will keep a closer eye on this thread. The link to my site is:

    Any help is appreciated.


    Please try to upgrade to the newest version. Kriesi released an update that fixes various bugs.


    Same problems like before updating. No last zoom.

    Btw. the ZIP-folder of the theme has the date April 16.

    After unzip and uploading to the the server the folders still show the date March 9th.


    Yes the lightbox files are outdated – the update would fix the problem. Please update prettyphoto to version 3 – you can download the update here:

    Just replace the prettyphoto files located under js/prettyphoto with the new ones. WP 3.1 comes with a new jquery version (1.4.4) and prettyphoto 2.5 isn’t compatible with it :)


    Thanks a lot. Now it works again.


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hi guys! Just bought the Expose theme and it’s great! I am however having the same issue with the flickering as the others. I have installed the latest version of PrettyPhoto but the problem still persists though it is slightly better… Can you take a look and advise if there is a solution?

    Thanks! – Josh



    since this is a bug that persists even with updated Prettyphoto I’ll contact Kriesi about it, he’ll get back to you on this soon.



    added the flickering to my todo list, thanks for the notice :)

    Best regards,


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