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    Hi guys,

    I`m having some problems with video files which are in webm format and are hosted on my server.

    my site is http://www.gabrielvasiliu.ro and please go to RIGGS page

    I am trying to create a second portfolio (located on page RIGGS) that contains only video files. When I click the video, it does not open in single page as I want it to do but it starts playing. It does not matter that I have checked Portfolio Single Entries => Open on single page, the video files behave different than images.

    If you click on Video 2, the movie starts playing. I found a workaround for the Video 2 item: I inserted in slideshow the Video 2 image and the second element is my external video, but this is not the solution I want.

    I definitely need a solution so when I click on a video thumbnail image to be directed to the item`s page (as it happens with portfolio items located in the front page) in order to be able to play the video.

    Thanks for your help


    Any help please ?


    I would definitely appreciate some help here guys.


    So one of the key feature is “…self hosted HTML5 Videos…”

    My video is in html5 format but it behaves awkward. Can I get an answer to my problem ?

    Is there something I did wrong ?


    Hi Blackwater,

    Sorry about the delay! Each time a topic gets a bumped backwards in our Queue since we see posts by oldest last post to most recent last post.

    So the issue is that on this page: http://gabrielvasiliu.ro/?page_id=582 the video items are being played within the page as in an ajax portfolio style? In that case you just need to change the option for that specific portfolio item in the Theme Options> Portfolio.

    If its a dynamic template, then you can change the option in the template for that page within the actual Portfolio element itself.




    Hi Devin and thanx for your answer.

    After 3 days of waiting, I thought no one is going to answer my post so I have changed the state of RIGS page, so I am not sure what you have seen. Please take a look again to see what I mean.


    RIGS page is a dynamic template and it contains portfolio items made only from video files.

    What I want is when a client clicks on a video thumbnail image to Show it on single page (as it is was set in dynamic page options) and not to start playing inside the thumbnail, as it happens now.

    What can I do ?

    Looking forward for your answer.



    It looks like you have the correct setup for this with “Video 1” which I believe is to set the preview image and perhaps the link set to link to this post?

    The default behavior however is how you described as the one you don’t want which is to the video play when in the small thumbnail view so it takes a bit of messing with the settings to get it to do otherwise.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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