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    Hi !

    I try to make a right sidebar into a product category page but that does not work

    Here is what I tried:

    –> Abundance –> Theme option –> Layout & setting –>Defaut Page Layout –> Big preview image, right sidebar

    –> Appearance –> Widget –> Shop overview page (right) –> I put some widget here

    With with these settings I obtain a left sidebar with “Page-Categories-Archive” even if I don’t have these widget anywhere !?

    But if I put some widget into “Shop overview page (left)” it works, I obtain the left menu…

    Second question:

    I want to create a new frontage with a left sidebar.

    –>I created a “Dynamic Template Page Layout” called “Frontpage3” and set it to left sidebar into the template builder

    –> I created a new page and set the “page layout” to Dynamic Template and Set the Dynamic template to “frontpage3”

    –> Appearance –> Widget –> Page: Frontpage3 (left) –> I put some widget here

    I optain the something as above ( left sidebar with “Page-Categories-Archive”)


    If I put some widget into the “Sidebar page (left)” it works, I obtain the left menu with my desired widget exept

    the “Woocommerce price filter” and the “WooCommerce Layered Nav” which does not appear …

    Probably there is something I do not understand …



    You say ‘i put some widget’. so do u mean this behavior takes place with a particular widget, or the same wrong widget is displayed no matter what you stuff in the sidebar?

    You aren’t giving us much to work with here since I’d be nice to see the live code to see what’s going on here. However, I would kill the wordpress , the database and the theme and start over again , since this smells just like they type of behavior that would occur when something didn’t install correctly the first time.

    Please download widget logic. free plugin to target each widget instance to a specific set of pages for overall better control.

    Also don’t forget that the theme has ‘dummy’ widgets attached to the sidebars which are not visible on the sidebar itself in Appearance > WIdgets but as soon as you actually add a widget, they go away, though again judging by your description, a reinstall is the best and fastest way to resolve this.




    Thanks for your answer and sorry if my explication are not clear, I don’t speak english a lot.

    Finally, I was able to get my right sidebar with a lot trial and error.

    To be able to have my right sidebar (with the right widgets) into my product page I have

    to set the “Default Blog Layout” to “Small preview image, right sidebar”. Is it a bug ?

    Anyway, I’m lucky, I want a right sidebar into the blog and the product page….

    So, it leads me to another question: I started my Abundance web site 8 months ago

    and I had to take a break. Now I want to finish it but I use WordPress 3.3.1. and Abundance 1.2.1

    I’m afraid to update and losing everything that I’ve done up to now.

    What is the best procedure to follow to avoid losing my customization ?


    The themforest zip archive contains a changelog (called version.rtf). You can see exactly which files were updated and then use a FTP program like Filezilla to upload and replace those files which have had changes to your host. I’d suggest to make a backup of the old files first. In the worst case some of your modified files require an update – you can use a “side by side” comparison tool like notepad++ to compare the files.

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