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    Hi there, have run onto trouble with a couple of issues on my shop and product pages that I’m hoping you can sort out for me.

    1. Sidebar not floating properly on product pages

    I have read the previous threads on this issue and have tried the two fixes suggested:

    – adding .container.clear{clear.left;} (with or without !important)

    – downgrading woo commerce to earlier version

    Neither of these worked as you can see from the links below…

    However another problem that crept in when I downgraded woo commerce was that my sidebar defaulted to the right – the page layout is set to left. And I can’t move it back despite setting the page layout to left sidebar in the page settings.

    2. Image size

    The image size on the main product page displays really small. Despite the fact I uploaded images that are much bigger.

    In fact I have tested the same image on the woo commerce plugin I have installed on a test site and they come up fine – not sure what the problem is here? I have increased the size of the image in the settings page. Also a large image seems to work on one of the dummy pages provided with the theme. see below. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -image


    ha! sorted out one problem which was the sidebar defaulting to the right. Fixed this. but help on other issues would be really appreciated.

    Plus one other thing: I should like to add the horizontal rule with top link to the shop pages. When I do this using the page edit tools and magic wand, it simply places the rule at the top of the page, just underneath the title bar. Is there a way to fix it to the bottom of the page, so it comes underneath the products?

    Many thanks



    Hi Susan,

    For the image size issue, the images will be constrained to the layout and shrunken down to fit in the area provided or if you use the larger slideshow layout they will be the bigger images that go on top of the product description as in your other example. Its just a difference in how you set the slideshow to display under “Slideshow Size on single entries?”.

    I’ll have to check with another of the support crew on the line question as I’m not sure if there is a function to add it in since you wouldn’t be able to do it via the wordpress admin area or through the theme interface.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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