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    Hi – I have a few problems with the propulsion site.

    they are as follows and wondered if anyone else has been experience any similar headaches with this design?

    1) woocommerce with either a manual or automatic plugin installation crashes the backend and says a fatel error occurred.

    2) installing the forum allows me to then manage the options in the template builder – if i uninstall the plugin i cannot manage the created template builder. ( I have one set up for the frontpage)

    3) I have downloaded the images used in the demo url of this theme with dimensions 930 x 340 and I also resized my own photos but nothing is working live on our site.

    4) we created a sample portfolio section and again on the front page there is a little circle going round and round where the image should be. am a little lost as to what we have not done properly. I have watched all the video tutorials on abundance, read the good documents supplied when purchased via theme forest but still not sure what we are doing wrong.

    I am sure it is probably a simple solution and i would really value any input and solutions from others who use this theme or from the designer.

    Thanks for your attention to this



    1) Can you give us more details please (error message)?

    2) The template builder should work without any additional third party plugins. Why can’t you manage the templates after you deinstalled the plugin (nothing happens, or do you experience issues during the saving process)?

    3) Can you post a link please? Maybe you need to regenerate the images with:

    4) Like 3)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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