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    I bought this theme today and tried to get it going – even after importing dummy content (into my existing content) it still doesn’t work.

    The homepage just doesn’t work at all – I’ve never seen a moving slider, or any blog items, and it doesn’t matter which settings are changed in theme options – the homepage never shows any content other than the header and 4 footer widgets. My posts all appear to have lost their featured graphics too?!

    Is this a compatibility issue with my old theme? Please help.

    Thanks, Kevin


    Minor update on this – I managed to get the featured slider going on this – but instead of sliding featured images, it slides portions of the posts themselves (usually the lower right hand corner) – I thought it was somehow a rendered image of that part of the post, but the links in the post actually work..

    Very odd.



    I posted the demo template layout here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-demo

    To use the featured slider you need to set “featured images”. On the post editor page you’ll see an option field called “Add featured media”. Click on the upload button and upload an image from your computer or select one from the media gallery. Then click on “use as featured image” (or if this option doesn’t exists on “insert into post”). Add a featured image (or images) to all posts which will appear in the featured slider.


    Yeah, I imported the dummy content and did it that way.

    I followed these instructions too and it still doesn’t work – featured posts use the imported “Featured” category, and the slider just goes very weird and displays portions of other posts (not Featured posts). I don’t think this is a user thing any more, I’ve set up tons of WordPress themes and never had this kind of trouble – something’s gone funky.


    Can you create me an admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.


    Thanks for the PHP mod – that makes things look a lot better.


    Great – we’ll announce the update via twitter:!/Kriesi btw.


    Any reason why the page buttons wouldn’t work on the home/blog page?

    I can’t access any entries other than page 1? If I click any page other than 1, it just reloads the same page with the same blog items.


    Thanks for the hint. Another user: reported this issue too. It occurs with custom templates on the homepage only. I reported it to Kriesi (as crucial) bug. He’ll release updates this week (propably tomorrow or on Wednesday).


    Did this ever get fixed?


    Kriesi told me that he’ll release an update in the next few days. However some other bugs occured and I think he wants to fix them all before releasing an incomplete update.


    Any updates? Or a refund – that would work for me too – it’s just riddled with site-breaking bugs.


    Kriesi released version 1.0.4 of Shoutbox yesterday. It fixes some bugs. You can download it at


    Installed. Has same pagination problems – homepage reports “Page 1 of 7” but the nav buttons still don’t work.


    sorry for the delay, since the dude is on vacation I cant get him to send me your login details. Please send me your ftp and wordpress login data. The error was fixed in the latest update so it basically should work, I will try to apply the patch myself and check if there is anything different with your server settings, plugins etc which might interfere…


    Info sent – thanks for the support.


    Just in case anyone else has this issue, it *was* actually fixed in the last build.

    I had set the blog page to be a static page in wordpress options at some point in the past which was causing the problem.

    So, user error. Thanks to Kriesi for taking a look and pointing this out. Great support.


    Glad you got it to work :)

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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