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    Hi Guys,

    Hope you can help on this one! I’m uploading images to my site (gracefuloccasions.net) but as you can see on the homepage, the product images are all blurry! When I try to upload larger images, the models heads get cut off. The images appear fine when you’re in the product page e.g. http://gracefuloccasions.net/product/nicki-flynn-amaryllis/ but the related product images are blurry again.

    Also, I’m wondering if its possible to remove the large image on the product category page e.g. http://gracefuloccasions.net/product-category/true-bride/

    Would appreciate any suggestions!!!!




    The image in http://gracefuloccasions.net/product/nicki-flynn-amaryllis/#tab-reviews gets resized to 316 width 316 height. And there is only one way to make a square out of a rectangle, and it involves cutting.

    However there is another way.

    The best way to go about it, is to first install the Simple Image Sizes plugin ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-image-sizes/ ). The plugin will give you complete control over images: setting constraints for specific locations like blog, thumbnails, portfolio, gallery, shop, etc. along with the ability to set whether to crop an image or not in Settings > Media.

    Changing the dimensions of images does NOT automatically change all the images already uploaded but only affects new uploads. To change the sizes of images already uploaded, you will need to use the Regenerator – also a part of the Simple Image Sizes and found on the bottom of Settings Media. Don’t forget that images scale down, so always upload images bigger (or the same) as the constraints you set in Settings > Media (with the plugin) or you will get blurry (stretched) or incomplete images.

    So you will need to go to your Settings > Media after isntalling , and find the size ‘shop single’ http://www.clipular.com/c?6494002=Q-uEws9HVMhHFsA3XpJnWSWsT4s&f=.png and make sure your settings are like that . You must upload images wider than 316px And that’s it




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the reply! I’ve installed the plugin and am working on it now. The only thing is, the images I’m uploading are all 600 pixels + so I don’t really understand why they’re blurry? Some of the images are even 800+ pixels


    Okay I’m back ;) still having trouble with featured products on homepage. That’s the only one that appears blurry. What dimensions should I change in the simple images plugin?



    Did you regenerate your images? Its on the bottom of Settings > Media. There is no change to the images , they are 450×450. What proportion are you uploading them 600×600 or rectangular?

    The homepage uses catalogue images 450×450 which are resized to 184×184. http://gracefuloccasions.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/TB-prom-01-450×450.jpg is this image blurry, because its the one shown on the home page. Try deleteing that image, and reuploading it again to ensure new settings are used.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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