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    Hey there,

    after uploading some pictures, I linked them to a portfolio item. When I insert the gallery in the post, it shows for example 30 picts but after updating there are always 7 more blank thumbs without linking (total 37 picts). Even if I insert only one it adds seven more. How do I get rid of this? Any ideas?

    Here is the link to my site:

    If you could take a look at “Projekte” there are the galleries included would be great. Thanks!

    A general question about lightbox; After updating prettyPhoto it`s performance is extremely low. Opening and blending is very slow.

    Any tipps?

    Thanks for your great support!

    Kind Regards




    do you use any plugin? Try to deactivate them. Maybe try to upload all WP core files and theme files again. Another option is to use nextgen gallery: to create your image galleries.


    Hey Dude,

    thanks for your quick response! I followed your instructions, but sadly no success!

    But right now I found the basic cause, it`s the RSS Widget in the sidebar. If a Video-

    RSS is integrated (YouTube or Vimeo) the system adds this feeds to any gallery?

    Any suggestions for fixing?

    For now I had delete the widget to solve the gallery problem. So far it works fine

    for me. I didn`t check the nextgen plugin until now. Maybe I will give it a try!

    Kind Regards



    Sounds like a WP bug to be honest. We just use the standard gallery function and the rss widget is provided by wp too. I think that’s something we can’t solve on the theme level but which is a core problem/bug. I can only recommend using nextgen gallery – it’ offers more features and is more flexible nevertheless.


    Thanks Dude,

    O.K. I should give nextgen a chance!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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