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    Hi, when I create a new custom sidebar, when i go to widgets, the new sidebar appears but the widgets of others sidebars have moved to OTHERS SIDEBARS!

    I have wordpress 3.4.2 installed and shoutbox 1.2

    You can view it here: feb.topimatge.es




    Would you please be a bit more specific, because I looked at 5 pages which all looked very clean, professional and attractive.

    Please give the exact url to the page where this event is taking place , and please be specific and identify the item and explain where it jumped from to it’s current location.




    Hi Nick, I’ll try to explain a little better…

    Now the widgets of the differents sidebars are all correctly situated:


    Display Everywhere

    Sidebar Frontpage

    Sidebar Blog

    Sidebar Pages

    Footer column1

    Footer column2

    Footer column3

    Page: Cursos

    Page: Quisom?

    If now, I create a new Custom Sidebar or a new Footer colum (number 4), then new sidebars appears in WIDGETS and the list of sidebar are ordered. This new sidebar has automatically the widgets of the next sidebar of the ordered list:

    Footer column1

    Footer column2

    Footer column3

    Footer column 4 -> The new sidebar. This sidebar now have automatically the widgets of the below sidebar

    Page: Cursos -> And this one has the widgets of the below sidebar..

    Page: Quisom? -> And so on …

    I can give you the admin access of you want.





    Please take the ‘?’ from the name of page == Quisom? and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise 95/100 times the category of error you describe is caused by an incomplete install of wordpress , the theme, or plugins.

    SO first please remove the question mark from Quisom page and save it, delete the previous sidebar, and add a new one with same page but without the question mark.

    Please uninstall every plugin you have and see if it works.Finally delete the wordpress installation, and the database and reinstall a fresh copy of wordpress , the theme, and a new database.

    I followed your instructions but I am unable to force this error. Please let us know how it went.

    [Edit] I took a second look, This happens when you have ten or twelve links in the archive widget? Or you are able to have more archive links in each widget?




    Hi Nick, I create a new installation in feb.topcommerce.es with only shoutbox installed. There are any plugins installed. Latest version of wordpress and shoutbox.

    Once everything is installed, without any plugin installed, the problems are the same.

    In this case we have only added to the original design a new homepage.

    With the Template Builder in the new home page we define five distinct areas that receive information from Widgets (Dynamic Template: home1 .. Dynamic Template Widget: Widget Home5).

    In this way everything is right, everything looks good.

    The problem comes when once we have created the widgets on the Home Page, we modify the structure of other widgets, for example, change the structure of the Footer of 4 to 3 columns.

    Once done, all the contents of the new widgets (Dynamic Template: home1 .. Dynamic Template Widget: Widget Home5) are modified.

    Dynamic Template: Widget home1 -> Content disappears

    Dynamic Template: Widget Home2 -> content is replaced by the contents of the Dynamic Template: Widget home1

    and so on in the other Widgets.

    NOTE: If we go back to modify the structure and re-define Footers with 4 columns, the information Dynamic Template Widgets reappears correctly.

    This also happens if you create another kind of Widget to display on a single page, all the contents are modified.



    Do you remove the widgets prior to deleting a sidebar? When you go from 4 sidebars in the footer to 3 sidebars, please make sure that first you remove any widgets from that sidebar before you delete it, or go from 4 to 3 sidebars or you may experience ‘ghost widgets’ or similar anomalies.

    There is a plugin you may want to try that I use all the time. It’s called Widget Logic. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/ . After installing it, every single widget will have a text box on the very bottom. In the textbox you enter what page or pages you want that widget to be displayed. So you can put 5 instances of the same widget in the same sidebar but have one show up on category pages, another on posts, third on home page… etc.. It is very simple to use.

    So if you want the widget to show up on all posts you would add the line below to the text box at the bottom of every widget:


    if you want to show widget just on a post with a title ‘Hello Word’ you would add:

    is_single( 'Hello World' )

    Here is a list of all the conditional tags you can use with the plugin and clear instructions http://www.incrediblogger.net/wordpress/plugins/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -plugin-wordpress/

    http://codex.wordpress.org/Conditional_Tags (shows how you can use titles etc..)

    Please let us know how things went,




    Hi Nick, the problem is not when I remove a sidebar. Is when I add a new sidebar (when definin 3 to 4 columns in footer, for example, or creating a new custom sidebar in theme options….)

    This is a big issue to use this theme …

    I’ll try this plugin, but I’m not convinced the solution



    Hi Marc,

    I spend a long time looking into this and I see what you are describing. We are working on the best way to resolve this issue. I experimented with a few different plugins so that you do not have to wait, and found an ideal substitution – Content Aware Sidebars – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/content-aware-sidebars/ .

    This plugin will create the same custom sidebars as the theme, so that you will not need Widget Logic. Just create the sidebars using the Content Aware Sidebars, assign them to pages/posts just as you are currently doing. I apologize for taking this long, but I wanted to find the right solution to fit your needs.



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