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    Hi there,

    Ever since updating to WP 3.7.1. I am running into a strange problem on my website:,

    When the WPML plugin is activated and I edit a dynamic template then there is suddenly a problem with the permalink structure.
    From then on, every page I visit on the website, gives a 404 page not found error..

    This is only the case when I set the permalink structure to “postname”. When using the default permalink structure
    there is no problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you



    Hi Ben!

    Please try this plugin:

    Try to follow the steps here:



    Hi Ismael,

    This solution does not seem to work.. What kind of input would you need to get clear what is the cause of the conflict?




    I’ve been having the same problem with Propulsion and with Enfold, so this problem persists on several Kriesi themes for over a year. Problem starts after activating WPML and editing theme settings. A really awkward solution (which I can’t propose to my clients, so it’s not really a solution), which works only sometimes, is to deactivate and reactivate WPML and flush rewrite rules (e.g. using

    Kriesi offer some of the best themes out there, and I hope he’ll take a good look into this long running problem!



    Hi Vinko,

    Thank you for your information..

    What is the response you received from the Kriesi support team?
    Since the themes are offered as WPML compatible..



    This is the thread discussing the problem:

    Right now I’m building a website using Enfold theme and WPML and after all day of getting 404 (after installing WPML), for some reason it started working as it should. Maybe it’s because I flushed rewrite rules numerous times, maybe because I deactivated and reactivated plugins, maybe it’s because of:

    function save_button()
    			$output = '<span class="avia_style_wrap"><a href="#" class="avia_button avia_button_inactive avia_submit">Save all changes</a></span>';
    			flush_rewrite_rules( $hard ); /* I ADDED THIS HOPING FOR A QUICK FIX */
    			return $output;

    in framework/php/class-htmlhelper.php

    Whatever might be the reason it sometimes works or sometimes doesn’t work, it should be fixed. Since I’m not a programmer, I can’t offer any more help…




    I’ll discuss this issue with Kriesi – maybe we can find a solution by replacing our permalink rewrite logic with the default WPML string management.

    Best regards,

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