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    Hello, we had the need to add a payment gateway to our website and for this we have installed the plugin WooCommerce + Credit card plugin.

    When we put the URL to the page “My Account” (/my-account) this looks like: displaying only the short code.

    If I make a preview of the page /my-account in draft mode is displayed correctly:

    Can you help me?


    Hi Marcos Q.,

    The Choices theme doesn’t have theme support for WooCommerce so you would need to follow the integration guide from WooCommerce here to fix any layout issues: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /




    Hi Devin, I know this theme is not developed for WooCommerce but I do not need a store, just a few things on the user account profile. It’s a bit odd that the preview appears well during the draft and then when you publish does not appear well.

    You send me the guide WooCommerce as if I had developed the theme. I purchased 6 themes and always have given me a very good support. I know you have other themes like “abundance” or “replete” and your experience with these could give me the answer I seek.

    Please help me find and fix the problem.


    The best way to fix the issue is to properly integrate the theme folllowing the woocommerce guidelines. The theme just doesn’t support woocommerce regularly so in order to diagnose it I would need to install woocommerce with the theme, integrate it and then see what issues come from it. The 3-5 hours of developement work is just far outside of what we can offer via support.

    You could have another plugin conflict, a misconfiguration with the woocommerce settings or any number of things so it isn’t as simple as just looking at other themes that use WooCommerce and coming up with a fix.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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