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    Hej there!

    First of all, thank a lot for this nice theme :-)

    So, and now my problem:

    I uploaded some pictures to my portfolio. Everything opens up fine and looks nice. I uploaded just 3 pictures, but shown there were 6 pictures. One of them was inserted three times. So I tried to remove the picture and uploaded it one more time. Afterwards all 3 thumbnails of this picture were broken, and afterwards I had 7 pictures in the gallery. I´m not able to delete this broken pictures and furthermore I cannot open them.

    The same error occurs on a normal blog page were I tried to insert a picture of my own.

    One day later I decided to change the pictures. The new picture is inserted and displayed correctly. But I still see the old pictures I deleted before as a damaged thumbnail. What can I do?

    I´m not using any other plugins, any tips?!

    Would be great to hear of you! Is there the possibility to upload some screenshots for u?

    Greetings, Kathi



    Please post the site URL.

    You can upload screenshots, either to your own site using FTP on through an image sharing service but seeing the problem 1st hand will be much easier than screenshots to diagnose.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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