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    Now that my hosting issue is resolved I am having a problem with the theme itself, it seems.

    I’m not getting the same side bar with menus as you have shown near the end of the tutorial you have on this page:

    Flashlight Theme Demo 1:

    Installation and using the auto importer

    If you look at my site rememberwoundedknee.org then all you see is the default logo (jane doe, etc) — even when you reload the browser.

    What can I do about this?

    Thanks !


    Hey Calvinspottedelk,

    You’ll need to upload your own logo in the main theme options to make one show up on the home page. It should be 200px by 100px to not have to modify any css.

    For the menus, you will use wordpress Menus located under the Appearance header.

    If you are new to WordPress, I would definitely suggest doing the Import dummy data as it will set you up with the basics of how the Demo site looks and works.


    Thanks. I was pretty sure I did that already (import dummy) … it was a green button. I don’t see it anymore anywhere though…


    Hey Calvin,

    Yep, its that big green button at the top of the main Flashlight theme admin panel.


    Thank you Devin. I did try that again. I also uploaded a 200 x 100 image to use as a temporary logo but I am actually still having that problem

    All the stuff under the logo (see rememberwoundedknee.org ) in what I would think is supposed to be the left side bar ??? does not appear.

    I followed the video 1 tutorial precisely and reloaded the page just as it shows at video time 1:22. When I reload the page there is no menu down the page on the left (Home – is where the heart is, etc) as there is in his video tutorial so I think something might be missing.

    I did create menus elsewhere… following precisely what video 4 said and I even created pages matching those menu names, but still nothing on the left side… The left menu which shows on every page is one of the main reasons I purchased this template and I am running out of time. I already have press releases out and so I might just have to wind up using the default WordPress theme if I can’t get this sorted soon.

    Maybe you can just credit my account and let me try out another theme? I like the Newscast theme because of the horizontal menus. The only thing I am not sure about is if it will allow me to go more than 2 layers deep in sub-navigation and I need to be able to go at least three. Please let me know.





    1) The custom logo displays fine for me. Please try to clear the browser cache – maybe the old logo is still cached.

    2) Make sure that you assign the menu to a theme location (Appearance > Menu) – the option can be found on the left side next to the menu builder.

    3) We can’t exchange themes – I’m sorry.


    HI Devin or “Dude”,

    I think perhaps my original question has been misunderstood.

    It is not the logo I am having trouble with. I put a logo placeholder in. I am having problems with the MENU beneath the logo.

    It has never shown up.

    And yes, the menu is assigned to Main Menu… as I mentioned, I followed the steps in the video tutorials precisely.

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/82041875 is a PDF screen capture of my menu page

    This isn’t working for me…and it is getting quite frustrating since I am already slammed. If I can’t get it to work soon, then I am just wasting my time (not to mention everyone else’s).

    Please let me know if my issue if resolvable. If not, perhaps you can just issue a refund.




    Hi Michelle,

    If you’d like me to take a look at your site directly, you can create a temporary admin account and email me the login and password. You can send them to DevinVinson(at)gmail.com

    I know it can be frustrating to learn both wordpress and setting up a new theme at the same time and then to add a deadline on top of it makes it even more frustrating. I’ll be available for a few hours today and will check the site once I receive login credentials.


    Hi Devin,

    Thank you very much. I’ve done just that. Please check your email when you have the opportunity and thank you very very much!


    Hi Michelle,

    After some poking and prodding I have the main menu displaying once again. It seems that when the WooCommerce initial install message is being displayed in the admin area (the one to either install the shop pages or skip) it won’t let some of the theme features work properly.

    Hopefully setting everything up is smooth sailing from here on out.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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