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    I change my host server to a new one, and i just import the xml file with posts, pages, etc… After that, i rebuild all template settings manually and after all this, the slider doesnt work anymore!

    Did u know why? website:

    Im using the sliders setup on XML file! I already check the images url’s and everything is fine… i can access all images with the image adress, but the slider on home page cannot load that!

    Ty! :)


    Hey there! Same problem over here … seems like cu3er is the problem?

    When i first used the XML-File everything was fine – but i needed a fallback for iOS Devices. So i’ve read in this forum that i should use the gallery manager – what i did.

    Right now, nothing works at all (except jQuery)

    Something like “/wordpress/font.swf” and “flaschvars.font” is missing.

    Check the site

    Can someone help me?

    I just want it to work…


    gsporch: seems you already fixed the issue? seems tow ork fine for me :)

    elblabs: have you entered the urls the same way your wordpress installation is set up: that means using no www in the image url if your site doesnt use www. this is unfortunately a tricky flash security issue :)

    the missing font.swf file is a bug of the slideshow that never received a fix from the creator, cant help with that, sorry :/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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