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    Hi, i’ve the problem with the popup dialogs in simple press FORUM installed in my wordpress with your theme Abundance, if you see the link

    and you try to see a profile of one user by clicking, the popup dialog appears behind the container, and if you try to select toolbox option its the same problem, i suppose are the z-index, but i can’t locate the file to change the z-index for jquery dialgos.

    could you help me please!! i’d so frustrated looking for a solution.

    best regards.



    I couldn’t click any user profile.

    Please note that’s this is out of the support scope we can offer.



    Please Login in the forum with :

    user: genar
    password: DHQ8SiYIpAox

    and when you are logged in, see at the forum bottom the users registered appears in orange, when you click at any user registered the popup will display behind all pagges you can note this if you make zoom out into your browser.

    best regards


    I noted it, but as i said we can not help with third-party plugin incompatibilities, try using another forum software like bbPress:

    Also, note that Enfold is fully compatible with bbPress.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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