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    I’m having a problem with using the column shortcode and adding a oEmbed video

    Using the oEmbed video with text in a post or page it display if

    If I try and add a shortcode to the page or post it repeats the shortcode content.

    Screenshot (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /88675d06a7e523662e809dce28408d92

    Code Screenshot (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /f5150807d18ac76c84a0c093836b4c2f

    I’ve tested with Vimeo and Youtube happens with both

    Happenings with Columns, Tabs & toggle (only ones I’ve tested)

    If you use <iframe> embed the shortcodes work but <object> embed code doesn’t display correctly




    Hey Greg,

    I just tried entering in the same data as in your screenshot but did not get the error.

    When viewing that pages visual editor, try selecting the HTML tab and see if there is any stray data left over in there that might explain the secondary content appearing.

    Also try disabling all active plugins you have in case one of them is causing a conflict with the themes code/shortcode output.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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