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    I am running into the same problem alot of people have with WooCommerce on a non-Woo theme: the shop/single product pages not displaying correctly. I’ve tried both of the Woo solutions (copying page.php to woocommerce.php and changing the loop, using hooks in functions.php) to no avail. Neither of these seem to be changing anything. I edited the Flashlight theme a bit but know this can work since the other woocommerce pages look fine. I need some help getting this to work, seem to have gone through all the solutions out there.

    A sample product can be seen (messed up) here:

    And the working pages are here: Cart –

    Checkout –

    Thanks for any help out there!


    Hi rosstamicah,

    I’m a bit confused on what we can do. The theme+WooCommerce does work and displays properly as seen here:

    You’ve done quite a bit of customization to the theme and during that time its very likely you have edited/customized some files that have caused the issues you are seeing now.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks and I do understand that some of the edits that I made affect this issue, but if so many other people have the same issue where the cart and checkout pages look fine, and shop doesn’t surely there is something I can do? Most of the edits I made were to the menu and size of the sidebar content boxes, which doesn’t seem to affect the ‘normal’ content area as seen in the cart and checkout pages.

    Please let me know if there’s anything you can do to help me figure this out, or even if theres some support service you can give I’d be happy to pay to get some help here, very frustrated as none of the options that are out there seem to do a thing!



    Would you like to hand me your ftp details and maybe we can figure something out? You can send them at ///.



    Thanks, sent an email over.


    I’ve check the site. I don’t know what’s wrong but it takes forever to load each page. Maybe you should import your database, back-up your modified flashlight theme, re-install wordpress and start again. Devin is right, there seems to be a lot of modification made in your theme, it is really hard to trackback everything.

    I’ll notify the other support staff, maybe they can do something.







    Thanks Ismael,

    I think the site loads slowly becuase of the background images..not sure. BUT I was able to get the WooCommerce shop and single product pages right. I copied the page.php to woocommerce.php and then had to wrap the woocommerce page loop in the inner and inner_box divs, do a little bit of tweaking, and it worked!

    Thanks again for taking the time to look into it for me. :)




    Nice! Good thing you found the problem. :)



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