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    I have worked on this for a few months and can not solve it. I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

    We are running Cart66 on one of our websites we are frozen on an older version. 1.4.4 This is because when we upgrade to the latest version our customers can not input a different ship to address. When the ship to address radial button is deselected the ship to fields never show. to test it, just add an item to the cart in any of the pages, enter a zip code, calculate shipping and checkout. On the check out page you can see that when trying to select the ability to ship to another address it works fine.

    Upgrading to the latest version of Cart66 and that button no longer works. According to the Cart66 developer it appears to be a problem in the theme.

    Changing to the standard wordpress theme it works fine. With the version of Cart66.

    We set up a test site. duplicated Zig Posterman. On 1.4.4 Cart66 it works fine. Upgraded to the form does not work.

    We bought Choices to test. Choices works find in the form field. The customer can select ship to a different address and it works fine. Presently the test site. is set to that theme, though that may change with testing.

    While we could switch themes, as we post this, the test site is using Choices. It is a bit of a mess and will require some tweaking and changes since we optimized it in Newscast.

    We like Newscast, it has served us well, we would like to fix it. We will also be working a parallel path rebuilding the site based on Choices. The testbed will become our next Kriesi based site for a similar product Zig Illumigraph.


    Hi SteveYoung,

    We aren’t able to offer support for 3rd party plugins. Your best option is to contact Cart66 and ask them to take a look at the issue. They should, as the developers, be able to tell you of any obvious conflicts or possibly where to look into them.

    Otherwise, you’ll need to look into hiring a freelance developer to troubleshoot the issue further.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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